T5 light fixture mounts

(3D Printing)

In my advancing age, vision is becoming more of a hinderance than a benefit. Working on seemingly microscopic electronic parts is a struggle and proper illumination is becoming a requirement. Don’t worry kids, you will get here someday and see what I mean.

Recently, I bought these cheap LED T5 lights for my garage from Amazon.


I mounted them in the garage using the really shitty mounts that come with the lights which worked okay I guess.

With one spare light left over and needing to increase my visual ability at my bench, it just made sense to utilize the extra photons. The only thing is, I did not want to make any holes in the wall. The light housing itself is made of aluminum and the entire light weighs less than a pound. I wanted to make a hanger that would use command strips to hold it up.

I got to work in Fusion 360 and designed a bracket that would slip over the light fixture. I went to measuring away. With that completed I went off to the 3D printer and a couple hours later, I had a mount. DOH! The end caps of the fixture were slightly larger than the rest of the light and the newly printed piece of garbage would not fit over the end cap. Back to Fusion 360 and increased the ID of the part to match the end caps.

Below is the STL file if’n you feel the need to mount your own T5 light fixture you can just print this. It will save you the time of ef’ing up the initial design.


A couple more hours later I had two new mounts in glorious white PLA.

I slid the new mounts onto the fixture and placed command strips on the mounts and pressed it to the wall. Boomshakalaka! It works great, I can see much better and there are no further perforations in my walls.

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