Double, No… Triple Dog Dare Ya!

In the immortal words of Micky O’Neil from the movie Snatch, “Do you like Dags?”

First, let me show you these little hooligans….

Sir Nigel Crazy Legs
Mia Crazy Legs

So it’s been a while and a lot has happened… We had to put our Border Collie (Isis the Terrorist) down in January 2021. Not a fun time to say the least. The Supreme Commander (my wife) and I decided very quickly that we just could not live without a dog. We talked at length about what to do. I quickly picked a breed and after many hours of research we found a puppy in California. The puppy wasn’t ready to be picked up for a few weeks so we had some time to plan. In the mean time, the Supreme Commander decided that she was going to get a puppy too. It was at this point I panicked a little. I mean, you can’t tell the Supreme Commander what to do. Not if you want to sustain blissful tolerance anyway. She picked her breeder and ordered up puppy #2. What does this all have to do with a project you say…. Well, let me tell ya.

Now, we all know that a dog can be the biggest bed hogs ever and I do not do well unless I get my beauty sleep. I came up with a plan. I would build us a double queen bed prior to the dogs arriving. I coined this new bed the, “Double Triple dog dare ya bed”. I designed it all out in Fusion360 and was ready to start building when the Supreme Commander let me know she found a bed that we could buy (two of) if I could figure out a way to join them. I looked at the specs online and decided that was probably not the most fun route, but I would go along with it.

The beds arrived, I assembled them and got them joined together side by side. The Supreme Commander is great with sewing so she took two fitted sheets and sewed them together to make one huge fitted sheet. We didn’t want puppy legs to get bent in the space between the mattresses.

And, there you have it, the Double dog dare ya bed was born!

Update in 2023… We have since moved to Arkansas from Arizona and have added yet another Silken Windhound. Also note that no matter how much bed area you have, sight hounds will find a way to position themselves in a manner that you have 1.5 inches to sleep, right on the edge. All this while the other person in bed has no dogs around them and is in effect “starfished” across their side of the bed. Sigh… Here is an updated picture of the “Hillbillies” as they are affectionately known.

The Hillbillies, Sir Nigel Crazy Legs (top), Mia Crazy Legs(left) and Ever Crazy Legs(right)

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